Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Review

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    I spent a few nights at the Chesapeake Bay Resort in late March as part of an employer-affiliated event.

    First, it seems that corporate events are a significant part of their business. In my experience, such resorts are not the best for "social" guests who can get lost amongst the more raucous corporate guests. March was too early to enjoy most facilities, but they appear to be quite good. The pools are large, and have generous seating. The gym is quite fine, and the indoor pool is very pleasant.

    My meals were all corporate event fare, and I never dined at any of the restaurants.

    Last, the regency club was pleasant. It is not on a designated club floor, so access is available by paying for it or on account fo status. That said, I and another diamond colleague never saw anyone else in the club, yet it was still very nicely staffed and generously provisioned.

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