Huge changes to JMB annouced from 2013 Jan onwards

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    Basically JAL copied what NH annouced earlier this year. Whilst some mostly non airline related items are new to JAL but most is still a copy of what NH annouced. As i was saying to Fumitani, they have subtly changed (I think) their focus to screwing the cheap flyers and rewarding the business flyers now so actually changing their program somewhat into a revenue based rewards program. I mean it's subtle but I think that's their overal intention.

    The summary is, if you are a C flyer or PY or Y flyer in the highest booking classes and you're an elite that may or may not fly in Asia or to Aus then these new changes are going to make you wet yourself. (anyone basically that doesn't generally pay for their own tickets generally or you are loaded enough to pay for these high fares yourself)

    If you are a cheapo 70% or less Y flyer then you're going to be generally less than excited about these changes.

    How do i feel about these changes? I am over the moon with excitement. I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight as they have changed everything in my favour nearly. 1.5x FOP bonus to Australia is the best news since sliced bread! Don't forget those this is not all coming out at once and there's over a year lead some on some of the new benefit/devaluations coming so be sure not to go nuts and book things immediately.

    Full details in Japanese here and English here. Note that not everything has been translated by JAL to English so be sure to check out the Japanese page for the time being if you can speak Japanese.
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