How UA service trumps DL#2

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    Now it's international premium cabin upgrade time... this is always a good one on DL.

    On UA last week.... first, book one-way flights for Shark and Shark fam (on LH stock) in an upgradeable economy class. See reservation online at LH.COM. Check UA.COM for upgrade bucket using the advanced inspection tool....inventory shows R>3. Call MP b/c ticket is issued on 220-. Ask for the multiple GPU's to be applied. 5 mins later, they are reissued. All done. Reissue confirmed, seats selectable in J.

    The simplicity of this GPU procedure and its results conform to what is published in program guide. They are immediate, with no hassles no drama and requiring no followup calls no drama. This, in spite of the fact that it wasn't even issued on UA stock. A professional and valuable delivery.

    DL...well, DL.... GUC/RUC issues are common.

    Worse if not issued on DL stock but even if it is, plenty of complaints about epic fails.

    I await with interest the DL apologism that purports that DL handles this process in any way smoothly, effectively, or comparably with the case above. Because a giant mountain of evidence tells everyone otherwise.

    Just reminding you loyal SM folks that it does get done better elsewhere :p
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    Except when it doesn't. I flew a UA BC ticket from IAH-PEK and had the worst experience I can remember since having to sit in coach to Asia. EVERY time the surly FA walked by my seat, I was jostled for the entire 10+ hour ORD-PEK segment. And this was while doing a 1K challenge (since I am DL DM). I just got back from another trip to China on DL, and I far prefer the level of service on board.

    The UA experience was so bad, I abandoned my 1K challenge, even though I would have easily made it.

    So, enjoy UA if you can.

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