How UA service trumps DL #1

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    DL shills and apologists holler but it's a reality that there are a number of areas where UA is clearly superior to DL.

    Like, yesterday when flying to LAX. #2 of 14 for UG at the gate, with only one other UG pax in F according to the UA app. OK, heavy paid/FCM action so UG not happening today. Use Group 1 BP. Boarded the 320 and stowed gear in row 8. It's a decent E+ seat. Pax fill the ac. Seconds before the door closure, the GA comes onboard with my new BP for the battlefield UG. I wasn't even #1 but I guess s/he didn't show so that left me on top of the list. At disembarkation another pax from the back asked me as he passed, GS or 1K? So he saw the UG too. I remember CO was always rigorous about delivering UG for Elites. People take note of this and it gives them confidence in the system as long as published order is followed.

    We all know how DL doesn't handle this and thereby how various SHENA are allowed to flourish. Nobody who flies DL can have any confidence whether battlefield UG would happen (if it does, it's random and violates published policy, if not, it is frustrating and opens the door for SHENA by GAs). We can just read the DL board at FT and we see that outrage on this topic is an almost daily event. One reason for DL not to enshrine battlefield UG in policy in spite of the numerous complaints by customers is to permit tacit backdoor shena for GAs and their buddy-pass riders.
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    Something exactly like what you just described happened to me quite a few times over my many years as a UA 1K, but that was because of the jewel that was MileagePlus, which we always knew was far superior to SkyMiles -- an advantage that UA, conned by DL, squandered when they decided to jump on the DL r-b.s. bandwagon!
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    I've gotten battlefield upgrades on both carriers. I figure it's all about GA SHENA...and I play in to it by talking to them and empathizing when I see that it may come down to that.
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    I've had the same happen on dl and aa. The issue on dl has been consistency of procedure. 1 example on ua gives no indication of consistency one way or other.

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