How to travel internationally with a baby?

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    I will be a father for the first time early next year . I am both happy but bit nervous also.

    I & my wife are miles & points junkies and we have enough miles & points for several long haul international round trip from US.

    We had planned our 2nd annual international month long trip to asia next year but since my wife is pregnant now and will be delivering a baby next year, I wonder if that is even possible now?

    Can you give me tips, advice and information on how to travel with a baby ? I guess business class is better option but will they allow a baby in business class seat with us? Is there an option to book award flights with a baby? How long should we wait to travel with a baby after it is born?

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    traveling with a baby before they are mobile (eg crawling) is much easier than btwn crawling and able to understand complex language (about 3ish depending on your child). Most (all?) airlines charge 10% of ticket for "in arms" babies (eg under 2 yrs) or their own award seat for international.
    It's VERY doable depending you your personality and the babies. I wouldn't go to places with really questionable sanitation with a young infant b/c of health concerns but otherwise you'll probably find people more friendly with a young child. It would help if you said which countries you're considering
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    I have seen so many single parents traveling long haul with a baby and I have the utmost respect for them. I travel up front a lot and enjoy the good life, but traveling is still hard. I could not imagine what it would be like with a baby and all the assorted items they need.

    My only request is they get a separate seat for the baby. In coach, its not fair to seat mates on a 8-12 hour flight when you hold a baby in arms and it naturally wants to wander / squirm.

    My hats off to those who accomplish it daily - its not easy.
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    We worked our way gradually with our son (he's 3 now). We were more nervous than we should have been, but that's all part of a new experience...

    Nowadays we have it down to a science, and travel with a dedicated backpack with all the gear that he needs. The contents have shifted -- from toys and puzzles to tablets and the like -- but the process is pretty much unchanged. We make sure we have -- handy -- plenty of snacks and juice for take-off/landing, pull-ups to avoid accidents, and plenty of enterntainment options.

    I wouldn't hesistate doing a 10 hour flight with him now that he's a pro (and so are we), and as long as you prepare you should be fine. His longest flight right now is 6 1/2 hours on Y, which is a feat for most grown-ups I've seen. Of course being up front is nicer since you have in-seat power and more room, plus you yourself are able to be more comfortable.

    We did EWR-PHX-HNL when he was about 18 months and two trans-cons this year in F and we couldn't be happier. It's all a matter of making sure you're prepared.
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    Traveling with baby is depend on your care. If you ll care that baby then there is not any problem. So every thing is depend on Parents. Generally people give a good space for those people who have baby.

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