How to spot a fake hotel review.

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    Travel+Leisure's article How to Spot a...

    We all have our own internal heuristics to discount a review, or absence of a metric for a property, use reliability index of the poster from other posts.

    The article further states that fake reviews have reached a critical mass. There are firms that write reviews for a price. Will any property that is not managed by a reputable chain, will in the long run suffer by buying these reviews from "reputation" companies ?
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    It's disturbed me to see how little Tripadvisor seems to care about fake reviews. I've run into reviews that clearly trigger my heuristics for fake (reviewer has written a single review, long on generalities, short on details, and lots of similarly good reviews in a short time), reported the lot to Tripadvisor, and seen no response at all.
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    Unfortunately, this just means that we go back to the good old days where we depend on friend referrals.

    But what I find quite useful is reviews from forums, such as MilePoint, etc. There is probably a higher level of trust between reviewers in forums than on sites like tripadvisor where they are completely anonymous writers.
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    It goes without saying that it's important to use a "BS meter" with most important decisions, including for all aspects of travel planning. anileze's posting reminds us how overreliance on web-based "reviews" and "recommendations" is becoming less useful. And as pointshogger mentions, first-person reports, whether from friends and colleagues, or (hopefully just as genuine) on travel forums such as Milepoint, should provide better information to make that hotel/travel booking decision. Thanks for these informative postings!
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