How to spend 24 hours in Osaka

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    My friend and I are planning a short trip to Tokyo - and we decided to spend the last day in Osaka.

    I bought a book on Tokyo - I think I'm covered there. (Though maybe I should create a new thread to further mine the group knowledge here...)

    Osaka? 24 hours? How would you spend it if you've never been there before? What would you go/see/do?

    (Oh, and despite my avatar - I do like fine dining.)
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    Nara is very close and worth seeing. There is an unbelievable giant buddha in a huge building there, and the area is filled with deer who will eat right out of your hands. Vendors sell the food for the deer and as soon as they see you buying it they will all come over to you.
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    You beat me to it! When I saw the title of the thread I was going to suggest that Nara/Kyoto, just a short train ride away, would be my pick of where to spend the 24 hr. Osaka is fine but my sense is that it is another metropolitan city. The largest bronze Buddha in the world is housed in the world's largest wooden structure called Todai-ji in Nara, and the deer park is truly great, so make sure your camera is fully charged. One could spend the whole day going from temple to temple to shrine. Legend has it that so great are the temples in the Kyoto/Nara area that during WW II, the allied forces were under orders not to drop bombs in the region, and it might even have saved it from the fate that was visited upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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    While I agree that Nara is a wondeful city if the OP wanted to leave Osaka then why not just go to Kyoto unquestionably Japans most interesting, beautiful and historic city which almost equidisant and probably quicker to get to by shinkansen.

    So sticking to Osaka and the OPs original question:
    1) A visit to the Umeda Sky building and Floating Gardens is quite nice and gives a fantastic view of the entire city and the enitire area.
    2) Tempozan Harbour area where the aquarium and other museams are located including the fansinating (and bit depressing) Liberty museum.
    3) After visting the reconstructed Osaka Castle walk down the river and take a cruise which shows a different view of the city on those amazing little river cruisers whose rooves are set on pnuematic pistons which lowers the entire roof when they pass under a low bridge.

    As far as food goes there are some very good restaurants in the basement of the two or three towers/buildings adjacent to the Post office which next to the huge Osaka Station (they are all connected underground and to the Hilton in case you are staying there ) check with your hotel concierge but you must try the local dish, okonimiyaki.
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    I've heard good things about the Osaka Aquarium, it's supposed to be the 2nd largest in Japan (the biggest is in Okinawa). Den-den Town (a geek area like Akihabara in Tokyo) is fun too.

    For me, Osaka was a jumping-off point to Himeji Castle and Kobe.

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