How to maximize battery life when you travel

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    Admit it: Your carry-on bag is stuffed with digital gear that you can’t bear to leave at home. Your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook will keep you entertained while en route, and it’ll make a great navigation, research, and photo tool when you reach your destination. But keeping these devices charged when you’re constantly on the go or stuck in the air can be a challenge. Luckily, you can do a few things to extend battery life and conserve power.

    Invest in a battery case

    A battery case for your iPhone extends the phone's battery life and keeps it safe from occasional drops and bumps. Most battery cases come with dock-connector plugs designed to pair up with the iPhone’s 30-pin (iPhone 4S and older) or Lightning (iPhone 5) connector port, which they use to deliver the juice to your iPhone. The only downside is that you can't use any dock-cradle accessories without removing the iPhone from the case.

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    To make the post more useful, I recommend updating the title with "APPLE" somewhere in there.

    I had a battery case for my Galaxy and although it helped with battery life, I felt it made the phone less usable due to weight/size. I think it applies to all phone/case combos. Now I have an external battery that I can use to charge my phone, my iPod and anyone else's gadgets, if necessary. As I travel with other people, that's a necessity at times too.

    Also, remember that many new laptops have always-on USB port somewhere on them. That's a "free" extended battery for a phone :)
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