How to Get From Rio International Airport to the City

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  1. Welcome to Rio! Perhaps in a bid to prepare visitors for the sense of bewildered confusion that is part and parcel of any trip to Rio de Janeiro, the city’s international airport is known by three different names: Galeão (in fact the former name, but still widely used), Tom Jobim (the current name, and a homage to the Girl From Ipanema tunesmith) and simply Aeroporto Internacional.
    Once you’ve worked out that all three airports are in fact one and the same (and established that you won’t be landing at the smaller and more central domestic airport, Santos Dumont), you’ll want to plan how to get from here to your accommodation. The airport is located some 30-minutes drive from the city center and the touristic beach zones, and is located in the city’s less appealing North Zone, so don’t attempt to wander out of the airport in search of a bus or a cheaper cab ride.
    If you are weighed down with baggage and/or are arriving late at night, the easiest, safest and quickest way to reach your base is to take a cab. There is a registered taxi rank in front of the airport, and drivers should give you a set fare which should typically be around R$70-100 for a ride to Copacabana or Ipanema, slightly less to Centro or Santa Teresa. Visit the airport’s cashpoints first in order to have ready money and avoid increasing your fare as the driver hunts for one en-route.
    If that sounds a little too budget-busting, comfortable, air-conditioned buses leave from the airport to destinations across Centro and the Zona Sul. These typically cost R$5-12, and luggage can be stored at your request. Have the name of your destination written down (street name and neighborhood) and show it to the driver to check if you will pass close by – they will be happy to alert you when you’re getting to your stop.
    Photo: Buses and taxis in Centro, courtesy of Ademar Ribeiro

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    This is fairly poor advice if you're trying to save money. the prices they show are those for the prepaid taxis that cost a 35-40% premium over the yellow taxis that are not prepaid. Those will generally cost R$40-50 to Zona Sul (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon) hotels. The taxis themselves are the same as the more expensive fixed-rate ones, just that they are Yellow instead of another color.
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    There are those Radio Cabs, that you call and still get 10 to 20% discount. It is wise to go to google and search for "TAXI COOPERATIVA" and get those phone number, it's cheap and safe!!! WELCOME TO RIO!!!

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