How to find audiovisual travel guides for Canada productively?

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    Foreword: I'm new so this forum forbids me from posting links, so I used DOT instead. Please feel free to rewrite it as a proper link, for which I'd be grateful!

    How do I find real-time (NO timelapses or fast-forwarding) audiovisual travel guides for Canada? I prefer:

    - personal/personalised ones without chauvinism such as Sir Robert Morales's [Canada Road Trip](www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=tXLwbWkowjI), [Stephen Fry in America](en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Stephen_Fry_in_America), or [Wings Over Canada](wingsovercanada DOT ca ) (though I'll travel mostly on foot and by car)

    - For example, Sir Robert explained how to organise the trip and the daily itinerary. Not only did Sir Robert state his accomodations, he explained and depicted their suitablity, more effectively than vague descriptions in writing. He laudably and honestly presents a balanced view; he reveals any dislikes or criticisms (eg: at 30:00, when he exploded the claim of 'the smallest international bridge').

    - audio narration to resemble a travel guide, and text descriptions for place names

    I encountered Sir Robert's only thanks to the good fortune of searching Youtube. Yet instead of haphazard, random searches, how can I find these videos efficiently, methodically, and productively?

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