How to deal with stress on corporate trips

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  1. There are three main categories of stress that road warriors deal with: lost time when they cannot work, surprises such as delayed flights, and routine breakers when they fail to keep up with daily habits, according to an October survey of 6,000 business travellers by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), a travel management company.
    “Making better decisions for travellers is not about moving everyone from economy to business class, it’s about booking a trip that reduces stress,” said Vincent Lebunetel, head of CWT Solutions Group. “Avoiding inconvenient hotel locations or connecting flights helps.”
    And there are more stress busting resources out there, such as a nutrition app for iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android phones aimed at business travellers which was launched in June 2012 by the nutrition consulting group Eat Well Global, providing insights on eating well in restaurants, airports and hotels. The app, written by registered dieticians, gives tips on restaurant recommendations, ways to communicate dietary restrictions in different languages and what foodstuffs to avoid when travelling.
    Finally, business travellers can help reduce the tension caused by corporate trips themselves. Three years ago British Airways teamed up with the UK-based Stress Management Society to come up with useful tips on how to combat any trauma experienced on long haul flights. Top of the list included regular exercise on the plane and breathing exercises. British Airways features wellbeing exercises in-flight and has since evolved the results into a whole wellbeing section on their website, with medical information, sleep tips and jetlag advice

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    Just punch out the boss!

    Disclaimer: there's a reason I was never part of the corporate world.
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    Stress on the trip is different than stress on the plane to me. Mostly getting enough sleep, watching alcohol intake and exercise all help. Also watch the carbs and sugar intake.
    What helps the most on the plane is flights that aren't delayed or cancelled and having a good seat. It doesn't have to be first class but just good. I'm tall and tiny coach middle seats with a passenger reclining in front of me are like a sentence to hell on a crowded flight.
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