How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site

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    How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site

    Seth Kugel
    The New York Times
    January 15, 2014

    Which airline booking sites offer the cheapest airfares?
    If your answer was Expedia — or any of the other dozens of online travel agencies — you’re wrong. If it was “They’re all the same,” you’re definitely wrong. “It’s so overwhelming, I have no idea”? You’re getting close.

    The real solution is finding the sites that best fit your specific travel needs — all the more true for the heavily budget-conscious. Each has different strengths offered through different interfaces that use different functions and produce different results. But where to go for what? Even for people like me who live on these sites, it’s not always clear...

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    interesting article but almost too many options

    I think it is a good idea to Google (or Bing, Yahoo) the route to learn the key airlines that fly route, particularly if it is off the beaten track

    some airlines are simply not listed on Expedia, Kayak............... but sometimes are listed on a more local niche site

    I totally agree about buying direct from airline if prices are close, several times I have regretted buying a multi-city ticket from Orbitz or __________ just because the price was good, because it was a headache picking seats, checking in online or upgrading on different airlines

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