How to buy premium econ in two transactions?

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  1. Question: Negotiating with a client who can only reimburse for 'regular" coach - it has to do with the grant money they are getting to fund the project. I'd like to at least fly premium economy, and work is amenable to subsidizing it out of net project profits. What is the best way to purchase the ticket so that I don't have to pay a change fee, but I can submit the proper cost basis to the client?

    Route is US east coast to probably CPH, maybe ARN. We won't have sufficient notice to buy a discounted business class ticket for this first trip, maybe 14 days.
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    It partly depends on what you mean by "regular" economy.

    Are you normally expected to travel in a very deep discount booking class? Or could you buy and charge a Y class or B class fare?

    If it's the latter, you might find that a discount premium economy ticket is cheaper than a Y or B fare. A quick look at JFK-CPH for random dates in April shows fares in both classes that have no change fees and are refundable. So you could, in theory, book a Y or B fare and then upgrade to World Traveller Plus by paying only the fare difference, with no change fee.

    However, the 7-day AP WT+ fare is cheaper than both the Y fare and the B fare, and the 21-day AP WT+ fare is cheaper still. So if you could get the AP WT+ fare, you'd actually get a refund of the difference from the Y or B fare. But then you'd be in the difficult position of claiming reimbursement of a higher fare than you ultimately ended up paying.

    If you have to book a cheapie economy ticket, then I'm not aware of any way of subsequently upgrading it with money without also paying the change fee. But if this is the scenario, couldn't you print out a fully priced-up "cheapest economy" itinerary obtained at the same time that you book the WT+ ticket, and submit both documents while limiting your claim to the economy fare (the actual ticket proving that you did buy a ticket for the purposes of the project, at a fare that was not lower than your reimbursement claim)?
  3. Thanks. It seems to be that the client doesn't particularly care but the funding source wants "economy." So if the lowest refundable fare is agreeable, we'll just buy that and submit it and then change to premium economy from there.

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