How many Avios for DUB-ORD-BOI or DUB-BOS-BOI in Biz? Even possible?

Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by norge, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Want to fly one way DUB-ORD-BOI or DUB-BOS-BOI in Business. How many Avios will this take? BOI-ORD probably on EI and ORD-BOI probably on AS. Thanks!
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    I can't get BA to price the options out but generally it would be 40,000 for DUB-ORD/BOS and then depending on the distance and class somewhere between 7,500 and 20,000 if you can get a direct flight. ORD-BOI is under 1,500 miles which puts it in a different reward bracket than BOS-BOI which is 2,200 miles if flown direct. Remember that BA employs segment based pricing and you are limited with what you can do on Partner airlines. Your best bet is ORD-BOI on AA if they offer a direct flight.

    either way, you'd have to call BA as the website won't easily let you book these sectors.
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    DUB-BOS is 25K per person in business class because it is less than 3000 miles (it's the best deal for business class to and from Europe). DUB-ORD is 40K because it is the next distance bracket.

    Your issue would be getting from BOS/ORD to BOI. There are no Oneworld partners as far as I can tell flying into that airport. Alaska Airlines partners with British Airways but it'll be at least a two segment flight from either BOS or ORD. That means you will get charged for each segment according to the distance traveled. Each one is priced separately depending on how long that individual segment is so it could add up quickly. But if you just want to get back stateside, DUB-BOS is the best value.

    And yes you'll have to call
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