How long does it take for MPCC miles to post to account?

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    My wife has over 55,000 points posted to her MP account from credit card spend. There's about 6,000 dollars/points pending, which will put her over the 60,000 point threshold for a saver trip to Europe. It will also put her over the threshold for the 10,000 point bonus.

    I pay off that card in full every month, and those points have been pending since July and August. I've been waiting a couple of weeks for them to clear before booking June flights for her, but they are not being credited and the seats are getting snapped up.

    If I call United directly to book the flight, can the agent expedite those points to posting? I realize that my wife could also just purchase 5000 miles, but she shouldn't have to.

    BTW, she is a Premier Silver member.

    Also, would it be more advantageous to call United directly to book the flights, or is there any advantage to using a FF booking agent? What can they do that us civilians can't or the airlines won't? Many thanks for all info. -DA1
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    If the points are missing, I would call Chase and start the inquiry there. It sometimes takes credit card companies several months to transfer earned points from a credit card program to a travel award site ( AMEX and Hilton come to mind).

    If you need points now, you can always buy them from UA via the refundable ticket purchase and then buy additional miles and subsequently cancel the ticket.
    If you belong to other credit card programs they may have points you can transfer into MP.

    But I digress. Start with Chase. ;)

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