How long does it get to get the miles credited?

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    I recently transferred 50,000 points to my Virgin-Atlantic account from both Hyatt and Marriott accounts. Both did deduct my points instantly. The marriott points showed up next day morning - but Hyatt points have not shown up yet. The Hyatt rep said they are transferred instantly - but the airline rep says they don't have anything.

    Does anyone have real experience in how long does it take for the miles to get credited. The official version is 4 to 6 weeks.. is it REALLY that LONG ???
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    In my experience posting miles to VS account can take from a week to multiple weeks. It probably wont take the 4-6 week that is the official version, but any advice I could give you would be from my experiences and yours is probably gonna be different. So sit tight they will eventually show up.

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