How I Managed to Get 2-3 Free Nights out of SPG

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    No. This is not some crazy thread about cheating, or buying a bunch of points. It is about how if you see something wrong, or something goes wrong when you are staying in a hotel, particularly an SPG hotel they will go out of their way to make it right.

    I got a $25.00 bar credit for one mistake they made this past November, and for a big mistake they made (double billing) I got 15,000 SPG points. I discussed this fully in detail in a post this week for You can read it there in full detail, or message me here for details. Also when I find good flight deals I post them at the above site. I won't be posting every individual deal here to these forums, that is not their primary purpose. I will be found mostly in the other forums discussing Air Canada/Rouge/Airlines and Shrinking Seats. :) Glad to be joining this forum looking forward to "meeting" all of you!
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    Why not post the deals and details here instead of posting on MP with the purpose of directing traffic to your blog or whatever.

    Personally, I will not be going to the website you've linked.
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  3. @MSPeconomist this sounds like a SCAM
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