How I hit exactly 40,000 miles and Asiana Diamond (I hope…)

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    This thread is a follow-on from previous posts here and here.

    I've just finished my Hong Kong trip, and with the first segment credited, I've hit OZ's Diamond tier requirement *exactly*; that's 40,000 miles, no more, no less.

    Here's how I did it (all in Y):
    12,500 SIN-MUC-SIN
    6,748 SIN-LHR
    578 LHR-MUC
    6,250 MUC-SIN
    5,582 SIN-PEK-SIN
    6,748 LHR-SIN
    1,594 SIN-HKG

    Total all that up, and you get exactly 40,000!

    Considering how different programmes credit slightly different mileage, how the miles credited are not round numbers, and how the routes I flew are quite varied, I'm pretty happy with that!

    Now interestingly enough, as I expected, online status hasn't updated to Diamond yet. When I rang, they put me on hold and contacted Korea, telling me that it would happen in the next few days. This, I think, means once the return HKG-SIN leg posts. So it looks like the programmers did indeed mess up, and set status based on (mileage>threshold) rather than (mileage>=threshold)!

    Unfortunately, while I wanted to credit the return to KrisFlyer, due to the short turnaround on this trip, and not being able to confirm that the mileage for the outbound had in fact credited before flying back, I took the decision to credit the return to OZ too, just in case. (Also because the check-in agent said it was all set to KrisFlyer.) So we'll never know whether this programmer bug is in fact an issue. I rang SQ, and the return credit has already been sent, which is a shame, really. Still…

    So should OZ give me Double Miles for Life? Life Membership? A free First Class return trip? This achievement must be worth something!
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    Congratulations! Glad the SIN-HKG 1,594 miles worked out for you in the end.
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    Frequent Flyer score = 9001? :D
    Sir, are you in any way involved in working with computers? ;)
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