How good service in fight?

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    I would like to share my experiences with Thai Airway flight. I was took many time with Thai Airway.
    Very impressive with service Girl always smile, whatever you need she will quick respond to you.
    For the drink is good enough if compare with other air line.
    How about you? What do you think?
    Pls. share.
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    Till today, the general impression I have on TG cabin crew is rather mixed. On the one hand, all their female cabin crews are rather mature and no nonsense. Some of them expect you to set your own table, i.e. pull out your own table and put your own table cloth, they hand the dishes and drinks to you instead of setting it down directly on the table. Although the younger female cabin crew are the opposite.

    Whereas the male cabin crew are a lot nicer, more polite, smile more and more chatty. More service-oriented.

    Gonna be trying their First class product this coming Dec, so hopefully no more misses for me.

    Food and drinks wise, can't complain as I'm not a real picky eater.
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