How far can you travel for free?

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    Keen to hit the road but don’t have the cash? You’d be surprised how far you can travel for free.
    In a fundraising event called the Trinity College Jailbreak, 70 Irish students from Dublin University were given the ultimate travel challenge: get as far away from Dublin as possible without spending any money, in just a day and a half.

    Enthusiastic travellers charged straight for Dublin’s international airport, and talked their way onto flights to Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Indonesia and even Australia, reports TIME.

    “We originally thought people would travel to the U.K. and around Ireland, we never imagined they would make it out of Europe,” Sorcha McCauley, one of the organizers, told TIME.

    So how far can you get for free? Well, further than you think. Four students made it as far as Sydney and Brunei, but failed to arrive within the 36-hour time limit.The winning team of two medical students, covered more than 11,000 kilometeres on an incredible journey that included flying to Buenos Aires, interviewing on a local Argentinian radio station, travelling down the Argentine coast by taxi, all without knowing a word of Spanish. In an equally impressive finish, the two got Irish musician Chris de Burgh to cough up for their return ticket back to Dublin.

    Meanwhile, inside Europe, there were reports of entrants stowing away in the back of a truck crossing the English Channel, and of others copping an array of travel dramas from lost passports in Hungary, a train crash in Serbia, and blizzards in Dusseldorf.

    McCauley said that two competitors found their way to Vatican City, where they dressed up as priests in St. Peter’s Square and handed in their resumes in a bid to snab the job as Pope.

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