How Does Booking Delta Award Travel Work?

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    I want to travel using Delta Skymiles. The closest Delta Airport to me is Billings. If I want to go to somewhere like Montego Bay, Jamaica, do I get charged Skymiles for each segment of the trip?
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    The best thing to do is log into your DL account and start plugging in destinations. You will quickly become familiar with the fact that DLs award booking system is wonky at best. The quick answer is "no" you don't get charged per segment. Starting here you can get a rough idea of the cost in miles but the truth will not come out until you actually attempt a booking. According to that chart in theory a trip from the continental US to Jamaica could cost as low as 25k miles roundtrip in coach on the low side, or 60k for BE/first on the low side. As a test I put in random dates of Sep 16-24 from BIL to MBJ. There were no low fares for outward bound so the trip came back at 55k miles + $113.

    I play with dummy bookings all the time on DL just to familiarized myself with the quirks of their system <and there are a few>. Plug in dates and have at it!
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    You're going to have a hard time finding low level availability out of smaller airports in the US to places where partners don't fly, but good luck finding low level availability. You are not charged per segment but if one segment is high or medium level then the entire trip prices at that level.
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    It doesn't.

    But if you're trying yo book low-level award seats, perhaps a more useful thing to say is to go to the Delta Points website, essentials tab:
    and look at the links in E7. Or get high-level status with them, which purportedly also helps.
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