How do you use miles on multiple people?

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  1. Hi, Bare with me, I am really new to in "this is my first day." My husband and I don't seem to understand how flyer miles work. Do we both need separate accounts in order to redeem points for free airfare in order to travel together or can we share the same account? On our days off we want to see the world. Our goal is to fly together using points we rack up. (and hopefully sit together if that is even possible) I established a OnePass account years ago because it came as a free program attached to my ShopRite card for purchasing groceries. I have earned a few thousand points, nothing exciting, but now we are ready to step it up and fly on the cheap. How do people fly their whole family for so little? I plan on taking advantage of all the credit cards that offer FFM - are they generic? I think I have a lot of reading and research to do.....
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    Hi, Welcome to MP.

    You can certainly book travel for 2 people out of one person's Frequent Flyer (FF) account. Most plans also let you transfer points from one member to another, but usually at some cost. Most people capitalize on large bonus point offers from credit cards to accumulate points. Chase and Amex (among others) generally offer anywhere from 10000 to 50000 points to sign up for their cards (sometimes the promo's are even higher).

    Depending on what your travel habits are, or are going to be will determine the best path to go. It usually best to accumulate miles in a central account like AMEX or Chase, so then you have multiple choices for which airlines to fly.

    What do you see as your travel in the future? how many travelers? The further you want to travel, the more points it'll take so having a smart strategy is a good idea.
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    First, welcome to MP. You will find a lot of helpful people here and I am sure that many of us are more than willing to share our experience.

    Here are a couple of web sites that will give you a great amount of specific help: (especially on Friday when they have specific information about "newbies".

    As 744 said, you can book tickets for each other out of your respective accounts. However, it sounds like you don't do substantial flying or staying at hotels. Is that correct? Do you plan ahead for these trips? If so, how far in advance? Also, do you want to travel international or domestic and what is your local airport?

    Key is to figure out your real goals and then a "plan of attack" to get there. Based on this, it sounds like your major point / mile earnings will come from credit cards. Make sure that you have a good / excellent credit score before attempting to apply for multiple cards. Also, both you and your spouse / significant other can apply for the cards and receive the sign up bonus.

    Some of the cards are specific to a hotel / airline and some can have their points transferred to other programs. You need to look at the specific card that you are applying for to see what their program restrictions are.

    Since you talked about flying on your "days off", I assume you are looking at domestic travel. If you live on the West coast, one credit card that has a very good sign up bonus is Southwest (50,000 mile sign up bonus). They seem go have very good award availability at a reasonable cost. However there is an annual fee that is not waived for the first year.

    Another good card to consider is the Chase Sapphire card. Points can be converted to numerous other FF accounts or used for booking travel.

    If you would give us more information, I am sure that you will get information that is more specific to your situation and goals.

    Hope this helps.
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    Welcome to MP realitystryking!
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    Welcome to MP, and to the world of miles and points! :)
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    Welcome to MP.

    Keep in mind that having individual accounts (one for him and one for her) can also be advantageous. First, if you are doing a CC offer, you can BOTH sign up and get double the points (depending on the offer.) Also, when you are flying on paid tickets, each passenger must have their own account for accruing those miles.
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    Welcome to MP!

    Lots of useful information and helpful folks around here!

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