How do I actually donate my miles/points to causes?

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    I have points on almost every program used in the US. Not enough to use for any program awards. I'd love to convert them to donations so they aren't lost forever. I'm having a devil of a time finding the "donate here" button.

    What am I missing?
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    I started a post in AA asking about this very topic last week (Ok I now realize that this general discussion was the better place to do that but now I know). In any case, I wanted to donate miles (from AA) to a charity Auction. I got some good feedback about things to do but in the end I had to withdraw my offer because in talking to AA this was a strong possibly (though not actually confirmed) that donating miles to an Auction just wan't within the rules. Plus, once a 'winner' has those miles they might want to give them to a friend, etc. or even try to sell them but I would have to be involved in every transaction for ticketing, change of flights etc. It is possible to donate as one can see on the AA website to their approved charities. However does address this to some degree: "If I pledge or give an award ticket to a charity, either for their own use or auction purposes, won't I be violating the rules of my frequent flyer agreement?
    Probably not. Most programs allow you to give an award to anyone you designate by name. That's why it's best to simply pledge the miles required for the award. Once a recipient has been named (for example, the auction winner), you can book the award for them"
    The "probably not" is a more than a little worrisome. And even though the 'winner' would be a named recipient all changes etc. (including missed flights potentially) would have to go through me making me the 'travel agent'. So sad that I wasn't able to do this for young women.

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