How DL actually were best in class...for once

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    How can this be so, you ask? Aren't DL [​IMG] best in class [​IMG] ? Now, and for all time?

    Overall - unquestionably, indubitably, incontrovertibly. Yes.

    But credit where it's due, once in history, they have been best in class. Especially now.

    Wait - don't get ahead of yourselves! I'm not actually flying DL, heavens no.

    My trusty DL MM gift Hartmann rollaboard is with me here. In the SIN SKL as I undertake my fourth overnight in this lounge during the last two months. Yes, you know. Thanks to it, I needed no checked bag on my two week trip - at least not until I got lazy at CNX today and decided I didn't want to tote it on top of the Hartmann - but everything had worked perfectly up until that point. It has been rolled a lot, as well, not only in the airports but on the sidewalks of..well, RGN, for one, and EZE, and TXL, and LIS, and BOG etc.

    It fits perfectly into the overheads of the TG 333, the SQ 772, the NH 763, the UA 744 and many other machines.

    It is in all respects useful, sturdy, well-sized, and life-enhancing. So it is the polar opposite of DL SM. Ironic indeed.

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