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    Security concerns have led many places in Europe to accept only chip-and-pin credit cards, which causes trouble for travellers with magnetic-stripe cards. Proving more secure, chip-and-pin cards are embedded with microchips and require cardholders to input a personal identification number rather than signing receipts. In countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Britain and the Netherlands, chip-and-pin credit cards are often the only ones accepted at unmanned machines in subway stations, train stations, bike sharing kiosks, parking meters, gas stations, parking garages and other transportation terminals.
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    I just got back from Europe and couldn't get my chip and signature card to work in any of the kiosk machines like at train stations. I don't know why the US bank cards are only going halfway with this technology.
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    In some areas, merchants just don't accept credit cards and are cash-only or European-debit-card-only. We found this the case most places in and around Munich.
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