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    hi folks,

    Up till now i've avoided MR cards. Now i've got my sights set on some krisflyer miles :)

    Does it seem like you can get the bonuses for the biz and personal versions of the plat, mercedes plat, and gold rwds all once?

    I had read some different posts regarding what other cards are held at the time of app, and time since closing. Anyone have any insights?


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    I haven't done it "all at once", but I took the personal gold and later the plat and got all the bonuses.
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    I don't have personal experience but as I understand it, the personal and business cards are separate. Even if you would be excluded from the bonuses by having that personal card already, the business card won't count and vice-versa. That said if you look at the details of the Personal Premier Rewards Gold card you won't get the bonus IF you've held this specific card in the last 12 months OR you've had any personal platinum, gold, green or Zync amex card in the last 90 days. So I think you would have to cycle through them, not all at once.

    As far as the MB card goes I don't know. Basically its an Amex Platinum with some additional perks if you're an MB owner, so I don't know if it counts as a Platinum or not. I presume it would but it isn't clear from the text.

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