How Airlines Can Improve Long-Haul Flights

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    When was the last time you got off a plane thinking, 'Wow, this is as good as it can get.'? Cramped seating, unpalatable food and high levels of anxiety are just a few issues we face while travelling economy in long-haul flights.

    Recently, I came across certain airlines that are offering innovative flight experiences. This prompted me to recommend a few solutions whereby what we hate most about flying can be made more appealing. While you can't change the person sitting next to you, perhaps airlines can create an environment which equips you to make the most of that situation.

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    This lady doesn't seem to have any grip on reality. She does realize that if any airline(s) were to adopt any of her suggestions, airfare prices would rise to offset the costs of this stuff, right? :rolleyes::confused:
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    "Perhaps airlines can introduce a 'Snooze Room' onboard. All those who can't maintain their posture while asleep, can pay for a twenty minute power nap in an isolated cubicle so that this facility is available to all passengers. The snooze room can also be your sanctuary from a tormenting neighbour."

    It's called lavatory in airline speak.

    "Introducing a viewing deck would enable people to witness amazing views of the earth and entertain themselves rather than their neighbours! It would also provide chronic talkers an opportunity to socialize with others who are looking for company."

    Are we talking about zeppelin travel here?!

    "The airline can also provide noise cancellation headphones so you no longer have to crank up the volume to overcome background noise created by fellow passengers and you can listen at lower levels, which leads to reduced ear fatigue."

    The passenger can provide their own darn noise cancellation headphones... and they don't cancel out the chatty neighbor anyway, just the ambient buzz/hum.

    This has got to be one of the dumbest articles about air travel I have come across in a while.
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