Hotels too often leave people vulnerable to identity theft

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    Several days after Traci Fox visited a small independent resort in the Catskill Mountains, she received an unexpected call from a shoe store.

    Where did she want it to ship the $400 worth of pricey sneakers that she'd ordered?

    Just one problem: She hadn't purchased any footwear. As Fox, a college professor from Philadelphia, Pa., rummaged through her pocketbook to find her credit card, the phone rang again.

    "It was Coach handbags asking if I wanted the $750 worth of handbags shipped to a different address," she says.

    Calls to her credit card revealed another bogus charge for $7,500 at Home Depot.

    "Of course, I wasn't liable for anything," she said. "But it was still scary and frustrating."

    Fox believes that her hotel may have compromised her credit card information. At least one government agency shares her concerns.

    Last summer, the Federal Trade Commission sued Wyndham Hotels, alleging that the company had failed to protect its customers' personal information.

    As a result, the FTC claims, hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers fell into the wrong hands, leading to millions of dollars in fraud-related losses. Wyndham denies any wrongdoing and is fighting the suit.

    "Data security is becoming an issue of significant importance in the hospitality industry," said Mark Schreiber, an attorney specializing in hospitality law at the Boston firm of Edwards Wildman Palmer.

    He cited an increase in hacks and malware attacks, which frequently target hotel systems because they're a rich source of personal information.

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    I am more worried about the number of hotels I've been to that allowed me to get a new key to the room just based on the room number information.

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