Hotels Offer Digital Displays For Travelers

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by sobore, Jun 10, 2013.

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    There are few events more frustrating to air travelers than sitting in an airport for hours waiting for a delayed flight to be rescheduled or, worse yet, canceled. Whether impacting business travelers scurrying to reschedule a round of crucial meetings in their next destination city or families dealing with bored and cranky children, airport delays are disruptive, exhausting, and irritating. Unfortunately, they are a common occurrence, almost to be expected in these days of overbooked flights and uncertain weather conditions
    Flyte Systems, a Chicago-based digital signage company, has introduced an innovative solution that can alleviate some of the headaches associated with air travel. Their product is FlyteBoard, and hotels located around major airports are now able to provide this amenity to their guests. Flyte Systems is the only full service flight information display solution that provides real-time airline departure information.

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    Say what?

    I've stayed near PHL often and the cable TV there offers real time gate and flight info. In fact, depending on what side of the hotel your room is at the Marriot there, you can watch plans come and go and know where they're going.

    I'm sure there are other airport hotels in other cities that do the same thing.

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    There are apps for smartphones which do this too. The trouble is the airlines insist it doesn't matter if a flight is delayed -- you still must be checked in and at the gate at departure time. So while you might worry a little less about missing overhead space if you're running late you should not assume you can just show up anytime before a delayed flight's departure and be fine. You may or may not. You even may find your seat has been given away.
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    I've seen the displays for years at the ORD Hilton, Imperial Hotel Tokyo, IIRC the ICN Hyatt, and more. They're not universal in airport hotels, but they're not unusual either.

    However, with all of the airline websites, wifi, and smart phones, how many people even use them now?

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