Hotels' New Focus: Comfortable Beds

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  1. Perhaps more than anyone, executives on the road understand that, as the saying goes, showing up is half the battle. The other half increasingly appears dependent on something else at which road warriors are less adept: getting a good night’s sleep. “America’s a nation of walking zombies, and this is especially true of executives: 71 percent of us are not meeting the daily suggested requirement of 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep,” says James B. Maas, a Cornell University professor of psychology who specializes in sleep and has consulted with Marriott, Wyndham and Starwood. Recent studies by Maas and others show that sleep improves memory and performance, while lack of it erodes productivity, coordination, judgment and attention to detail. “More than once people have signed contracts with not enough zeros!” says Maas. Beyond that, there appears to be a direct link between sleep deprivation and type 2 diabetes, strokes and some cancers.

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