Hotels in unlikely places

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    Recycling is de rigeur, and no one wants to see a perfectly good historic property go to waste. That (and, of course, the marketing draw) is why you see so many hotels popping up in spaces once used for other purposes, whether primary school or prison. Someday, you might be heading off for a night's rest in a hotel that was once something entirely different.

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    In Spain, there is a chain of government hotels called the paradores . The majority of the locations are either historic buildings or unique locations. My wife and I spent two weeks in Spain and used the paradores as accommodation. We stayed at nine of them and I highly recommend them.

    There is also a similar concept in Portugal known as pousadas. We did not stay there so I cannot comment.
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    its awesome hotel i like it.. :)
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    Portugal also has a network of pousada-like hotels that are privately owned. They vary more, but it can be easier to get a reservation. AFAIK in Spain there is no equivalent, although there are some privately owned properties that otherwise are very similar in concept to Paradors.

    One of the advantages of staying in a Parador is that once you get within about a hundred kilometers, the way is signposted very well so that they're easy to find, even if you don't know Spanish.
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