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  1. I am going to the USA and wondering what are good hotels, I am thinking of the Mandarin Oriental in New York and Washington D.C Chicago and San Fran does anyone know about this brand. I am going from June 22nd - 8th of July. So should I bother a virtuoso agent because I know I will not get an upgrade. Also I have noticed that Premium Economy is available from Melbourne via Virgin/Qantas/Cathay Pacific so I am asking is Business Any better to merit spending the extra dough I also have the option of Jetstar Business and Hawaii Business even though not flat seats. I am also wondering if there are any places I missed. I am looking at museums and parks and not really national parks.
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    the Mandarin Oriental is fantastic, everybody wishes they could afford to stay there

    Business Class is far better than Premium Economy if you can justify the expense

    there are some fabulous parks and museums in all the cities on your itinerary
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    I can only comment on the Mandarin Oriental DC, but had a wonderful stay there. The staff was first-class, and the room was very good. Now, if possible, I would request a Potomac River View room. The area, around the hotel is improving, almost by the month, and the hotel is very good to excellent.

    While we are in NYC and SF often, we have not stayed at those properties.
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    I hear the Mandarin Oriental in NYC is top notch, pricey but top notch!

    The NYC CityPass is a good option

    Here is a full list of NY's many many museums:

    Some of my favorites:
    • American Museum of Natural History
    • Museum of the Moving Image (Jim Henson Exhibit may be interesting)
    • Guggenheim Museum
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art (be sure to catch the Egyptian Obelisk outside of the museum)
    • The Morgan Library (if you are interested in seeing an old mansion / small)

    While you are in town, you may want to see Shakespeare in the Park. The Delacourt theater is adjacent to the castle in Central Park. Tickets are free and performances are always awesome. You may need to get on line early, particularly if someone famous is in the show (Al Pacino) and wait a few hours however but once you have the tickets, you can grab lunch, check out the park or a museum in the area and then catch the show.

    Manhattan actually three castles on the island and Central Park alone takes up 1/4 of the city's space.
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    The reason for using a Virtuoso agent is also for things like free breakfast for two daily. And at MO New York, one of the Virtuoso amenities is an upgrade at the time of booking. The Virtuoso rates are actually less than the regular rates you'll find on the website, showing the upgrade already applied.
  6. websites??? who uses a website to book I asked for the manager's details
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    I dont understand this. Are you saying that instead of booking through a website like the majority of us do, you call the hotels manager for each of your bookings?
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  8. no but on this occasion I did because I wanted to have some things cleared up and I found it a great way to find out about the hotel.
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    You're a little light on the details, but from what I can gather you're doing some kind of week and a half jaunt through the US, coming from Melbourne and flying into SFO / Chicago / DC and NY, although I'm not sure in what order.

    Based on the questions, I have to assume you have no status with any hotel loyalty programs, which is even more reason to listen to David and book through Virtuoso. Why get on the phone with the hotel when a travel "concierge" can do it for you, and get you additional perks on every stay?

    And I have to assume that if you're considering MO then you should be able to consider the Ritz-Carlton and/or Four Seasons at any of the cities listed, which are arguably just as nice and can net you some points / stay credit in their respective loyalty programs for future use.

    I personally would never, ever ever ever ever pass on booking a hotel that I could book through Virtuoso or Amex FHR if I could do it, unless the rate is outrageously higher -- and in most cases it isn't. It just makes sense... you get additional benefits and still get stay credit / points and they take care of everything for you.
  10. The rate was 200 dollars in saving including free upgrade guaranteed which David O cannot provide . He only can provide one subject to availability
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    You can stay at Wellington Hotel.

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