Hotel "star" ratings: anything better?

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    This post was inspired by noticing that Hotel Tonight (the app) is classifying the Hyatt House Plymouth Meeting PA and the Hyatt Place King of Prussia as "Basic" even though plenty of other HP and HH properties get "Solid" ratings, including the Hyatt House King of Prussia. And I certainly appreciate all of these Hyatt properties, with their feather pillows and down duvets, more than most other "Basic" properties (e.g. a Best Western).

    Have any of you seen hotel rating systems that you really like? Ones that convey something that's really helpful to you?

    One of my favorite bad systems is Priceline's, which at least used to be based on the extent of on-property food service. There were other standards (e.g. has to have a hair dryer), but the biggest difference between star levels was whether or not the restaurants were open for three meals a day and whether or not a property had room service. But I've never seen something that tells about the quality of a hotel's bedding or the standard of maintenance and cleaning.
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    Theoretically, AAA's Diamond Ratings are supposedly based on physical unannounced inspections. They do have a small cadre of inspectors that visit all properties that they list. They will not include any facility that does not have a TV, Telephone in each room, or Air Conditioning. They rate on at least 25 points including Cleanliness, and Comfort (including the quietness of the surrounding area.) Not sure about the bed comfort though. 4 and 5 diamond places are usually very nice. 2 or 3 is equivalent to Hampton or Four Points. But the ratings do seem to work.

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    I've stayed at some really horrible properties which were well-rated by AAA. I think their ratings are better than nothing but they really take a long time to reinspect properties and conditions could certainly have changed. A look at the actual criteria used can be found here and a 2012 update to include things like WiFi here.

    Actually, I think Trip Advisor isn't too bad if you read enough of the reviews to get a true sense of the property.
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    Sometimes, when I read "enough" of the reviews, I wonder why I bothered.

    TripAdvisor provides some insight but it often is overrun with petty complaints. It is most useful when there are a large number of reviews in the last 6-12 months.
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    IMHO, AAA ratings (Diamonds) are more about the "hard product" while Forbes rating (Stars) are about the "hard product" and "soft product". Personally, I'm not a fan of either rating because AAA ratings mean nothing (to me at least) while Forbes ratings can be inaccurate and biased towards properties that invest in their "consulting service". Ratings on OTAs and TripAdvisor are a whole new story...
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    Crowdsourcing of reviews from people of similar interests and usage patterns leads to more nuanced ratings )stars or other wise)

    British charter package tourists, will have different priorities than someone is Monday-Thursday, consultant/project-manager commuting weekly from over 500 miles ;)
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    I find tripadvisor reviews need to be filtered by looking at the reviewers. Example: where a reviewer is from and where the property is located, as well a the "star" level of the property. Many reviewers complaints seem to come from them expecting 4 and 5 star experiences when in an area that a U.S. motel6 would be high end. This works for me when I take the time to look!
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  8. I have had the opposite I am a real AAA five diamond junky and funny enough Four Seasons Vancouver is better than the Fairmont in Santa Monica. Its an indication of service and facilities. Having said that you should read them with reviews on TA, Flyertalk, Milepoint, and you should contact them for advice IMHO before you book at least 3 times. The service was WAY more productive at Four Seasons then at Fairmont much better staff and way better furnishings. Maybe its because its Four Seasons. I had a mixed reception at George V but out of 5 visits of FS I never really had a bad stay. Isadore is a legend. And no I am not on the books.

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