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    Here's my first TR... here goes nothing. Some of the photos are blurry -- I apologize in advance. Note that this post looks better on MP web because the images are inline. The iPhone/iPad app puts them all at the end....

    I had a one night stay at the Hotel Sierra in Santa Clara, CA last week.

    Check In

    I arrived at the hotel around 1pm and the front desk had no problem checking me in early. The agent didn't mention anything about my Diamond status (I'm as far from DYKWIA as possible; I'm just mentioning it here matter of factly). I had to ask if the hotel/sub-brand participated in the Diamond amenity program. I told the agent that I wanted the 1000 bonus points but wanted the stay credited to American Airlines. The day after checkout, I had both the 1000 bonus and the stay credit in my Hyatt account. I have an email out to GP Cust Serv to get the stay credit / AA credit straightened out.

    Hyatt Re-Branding

    According to Jeff Zidell in this thread, this property is becoming a Hyatt Summerfield Suites.

    The property became a Hyatt on 31-Aug-2011 but there seems to be no rebranding at all yet. Everything still says "Hotel Sierra," including the exterior signage, the hotel car (Suburban), even a printout in the elevator. There only mention of Hyatt I saw was on two small postcards on the desk: a placard advertising the 5000 GP ponts for 3 nights by 15-Nov-11 and an advert for the Chase CC. The bulletin board in the room (above the desk) still has the letter from August about the switchover.

    20111115-1052.IMG_0488 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1051.IMG_0487 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1050.IMG_0486 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1045.IMG_0483 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1045.IMG_0485 (Custom).jpg


    I had a 7th floor 1BR King. I'm not sure if this was because of my Diamond status, luck of the draw, or simply what was available for my early check in, but I do know that my corporate rate does not gaurantee a 1BR -- my boss checked in the next night and was given a studio.

    The living room has a small kitchenette, desk, pullout couch, armchair, LCD TV, and DVD player. The sofa was not what I'd call comfortable, but wasn't necessarily uncomfortable for the small amount of time I was sitting on it. The desk and chair were fine, although the desk is lacking outlets. There is just a small two-outlet wallplate, so I had to unplug the lamp to plug in both my phone and laptop. Wireless internet was free and fast. There is wired internet available as well, and the desk gave me (upon request) a still-packaged ethernet cable that I didn't end up using. The kitchen features a coffee maker with Maxwell House individual filter packs.

    20111114-1707.IMG_0451 (Custom).jpg 20111114-1707.IMG_0456 (Custom).jpg 20111114-1707.IMG_0452 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1045.IMG_0480 (Custom).jpg

    The bedroom has a king bed that was extremely comfortable, another LCD TV (sans DVD) with a sink outside the door to the bathroom. In addition to bar soap, there is a wall-mounted soap and lotion at the sink, and wall-mounted shampoo(/conditioner?) and body wash in the shower. I forgot to get pictures of these.

    20111114-1707.IMG_0453 (Custom).jpg 20111114-1707.IMG_0454 (Custom).jpg 20111114-1707.IMG_0455 (Custom).jpg

    Evening Lobby Reception

    From 5:30pm-8/9ish?, there are hors d'oevures served in the lobby. There is some crudite, cheese and crackers, salad (arugale only, IIRC), chips, soup, and two hot dishes. The soup that night was billed as chicken noodle, but it had sausage in it (which I don't eat). The hot dishes were chicken egg rolls and some sort of chicken turnover/puff (with Mexican flavors). Neither was worth a second trip to the buffet (although I did make one). The great thing about the reception is the free Sam Adams Lager on draft! There's also a second tap... I think it's Bud Light, but I can't remember (I'll edit this post if someone replies with details). I thought I took pictures of it all, but apparently not. Note that the next night, when my boss arrived, we asked at the front desk if we could pour ourselves beer at 5:00 and were told we had to wait until 5:30, but were welcome to purchase bottles from the pantry. We ended up next door at the bar at Red Robin.

    20111114-2032.IMG_0459 (Custom).jpg 20111114-2037.IMG_0460 (Custom).jpg

    Separate from the reception, the front desk had some cookies out at 6pm. I don't know if they do this every day.

    20111114-2053.IMG_0462 (Custom).jpg


    Breakfast buffet had cereal, make-your-own waffles, two types of scrambled eggs (plain and with onions), potatoes, fruit, yogurt, bread/bagels, muffins/pastries and a custom omlette station. My mushroom and cheese omlette was very good, though the eggs were ladeled from a bowl (likely from a carton in the kitchen). Coffee was Torrefazione Italia (is that a Hyatt or Hyatt/Regional thing? Same coffee at HR SFO.). I'm sure there was bacon/sausage/etc, but I didn't pay attention.

    20111115-1029.IMG_0471 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1029.IMG_0472 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1031.IMG_0473 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1032.IMG_0475 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1031.IMG_0474 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1037.IMG_0479 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1035.IMG_0477 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1045.IMG_0481 (Custom).jpg 20111115-1045.IMG_0482 (Custom).jpg


    Parking is free, and uses a two-level garage adjacent to the property. The spots are tight, IMHO. My boss told me that the front desk gave him a ticket to leave on the dashboard to indicate he was a hotel guest. I received no such ticket (I wasn't asked if I had a car), and my car was still there the next morning ;-).

    All in all, I like this property a lot. It's very convenient to a bunch of different companies in the area, and it's very nice for what it is. And of course, don't forget that Rivermark Plaza (where the property is located) has a very nice Peet's!

    20111115-1055.IMG_0492 (Custom).jpg
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