Hotel Programs Akin to A3?

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    Hi MPeons,

    Are there any hotel programs that are as similarly generous as A3 (Aegean Airlines)? I've barely looked into any of them, but sign up whenever I am at a different chain. Ones based in China have proven relatively useful, but I'm inquiring about US or Europe-based ones.

    BuildingMySteaks (close enough)
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    Not really. And if you're always staying at different chains then you'll probably do better booking via a brand-agnostic booking channel. You'll likely save money over time and you can get a better RoI for infrequent or varied stays. offers essentially a 15% return on paid stays through their Welcome Rewards program and click-through rebate sites (shameless self-promotion here). If you're never accruing sufficient points for the top tier awards at hotels anyways then something like this is likely a better fit.

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