Hotel loyalty program: Too much junk mail No. 1 pet peeve

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    Frequent travelers: Are you fed up with the various communications that your hotel loyalty program sends you?
    I'm posing this question after reading hospitality consultant Tom Costello's July 23 blog post, "Hotel Loyalty Programs – Are Your Customers Feeling The Love Or Asking For A Divorce?"
    In it, Costello points out that a whopping 54% of loyalty program members surveyed for a new study say the feel so barraged by irrelevant messages and impersonal emails that they're ready to quit the offending program and switch brands.

    Most common complaints about loyalty programs, Costello notes:
    • "Too much spam and junk email" - 44%
    • "Too many conditions and restrictions" - 38%
    • "Rewards that lacked real value" - 37%

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