Hotel Award Availability: Who does it best? Plus, alerts now available!

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    There’s more to comparing hotel point values than just the buying power of the points. After all, if the hotel chain doesn’t make an award room available it doesn’t matter what the points are worth; you’re still not going to be sleeping in that hotel room. Thanks to more than 100,000 room queries on Hotel Hustle performed over the past month or so I’m starting to see some reasonably consistent trends in the data. So, which is the best hotel rewards program based on availability?

    How do you pick the best hotel rewards program? Looking at how many rooms they offer for award bookings should be part of the calculations.

    The good news is that six of the seven hotel rewards programs show a better than 90-ish percent availability rate on award nights where revenue nights are also available. The bad news is that there is still something of a spread within the programs, and the two oft touted as having the most valuable points – Hyatt Gold Passport and Starwood Preferred Guest – are at the “worse” end of the spectrum in terms of making rooms available for hotel award bookings.


    The data above is a snapshot of what things looked like at the turn of the new year. For a current view of the numbers head over to the Data Visualization page on Hotel Hustle. Those graphs are constantly refreshing from the most recent data.

    The really good news is that Hotel Hustle now has Award Alerts built in for all of the chains supported in the search interface. So even if a room is not available at the hotel you’re interested in you can sign up to receive an email notification should that change. Just click the “Create Alert” link in the search results and let the system handle everything from there.


    You’ll need to scroll down in the list of hotels to find the ones without award nights available but they are there towards the bottom.

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