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    Life's a beach in Australia Photo: Renate Ruge
    When to go and what to pack for a trip downunder: Sydney-style
    When to come to Sydney
    The best time of year to arrive is from October to March, which in the Southern hemisphere means spring to autumn (fall). You’ll find super hot beach weather starts in November and lasts well into March. New South Wales also gets plenty of rain but travel between these dates and you are pretty much guaranteed some blue sky and sunny days.
    Time Difference
    Sydney is between nine, ten and eleven hours ahead of the UK and GMT depending on the time of year.
    What to pack
    The perennially good weather in Oz means you should pack light. Also under international flight regulations, there’s a 20kg maximum.
    Must haves in your suitcase include swimwear (although you can buy top quality ‘swimmers’ downunder). A good pair of UV sunglasses, super high-factor sun lotion, flip flops (or thongs) and a hat are top of the list. Layering is a good idea for air-conditioned venues restaurants and shops so light jumpers or fleeces work well. A light rain jacket too. Don’t forget to leave space and ‘pack to purchase’.
    What not to miss
    The Opera House and Circular Quay
    A sky-high cocktail at The Summit or Horizons at The Shangri La
    A coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte
    Climb up the lighthouse at Palm Beach
    Set sail on the harbour on a boat cruise or a ferry ride
    Fish and chips at Watson’s Bay
    See some sharks at The Aquarium
    Fireworks at Darling Harbour
    What to watch out for
    Australia is the land of numerous dangerous creatures, from snakes and spiders to sharks. Be smart and be aware. The biggest dangers are found at the beach where you need to take care to swim between the flags to avoid being caught in rips and strong currents and be sure to cover up and protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun.
    A bit of Aussie slang
    G’day: hi
    Hoo Roo: bye!
    Ta: thanks!
    Dunny: toilet.
    Mate: can be anyone (instead of using their name)
    Bloke: Aussie male
    True Blue: totally Australian
    Aussie: Australia
    Barbie: barbeque
    Snags: sausages
    Ripper: fantastic!
    Peckish: hungry
    Crikey: surprised at something (good or bad)
    Thongs: flip-flop, beach shoes
    Togs: swim wear
    Sanger: sandwich
    Cactus: broken
    Cheesed off: annoyed
    Far Out: great or that’s bad!
    Fair dinkum: it’s true or is it true?
    Waffle: talking nonsense
    Choof Off: to leave
    Bottle O: liquor store
    Daggy: out of fashion
    Hard Yakka: hard work
    Quids: money
    No Worries: it’s all okay

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