Hoping to get feedback about US Airways Business Perks

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    Hello and happy 4th of July boys and girls.

    Wanted to get some feedback from the milepoint and business community and at the very least, make others aware of a new (as far as I can recall) way to earn US Dividend Rewards Miles.

    If you were not aware, US Airways has launched a new Business Rewards Perks, where you can earn miles with local businesses, both big and small. I believe other carriers are doing the same, but it is fairly new for US Airways.

    As soon as I saw the program, I thought it was a terrific idea, both as someone who is a US Airways traveler and a business owner. Shortly after, I signed up with US and just got listed as a participating business.

    My questions are....

    1. Were you aware of this program before?
    2. What do you think about businesses participating in the program?
    3. Would you be more likely to work with/shop at a business that was offering miles?
    4. Under what conditions? Only if you were already considering buying that product or service? Or would you buy solely because of the miles you can earn?


    and the offer I am running for my clients...



    Looking forward to hearing feedback on this program and to see if it will be a worthwhile investment.

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