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    New to the site and have been trying very hard to book upgraded flights for my return from honeymoon. 2 part question!
    I booked with my United points, a flight out to Tanzania. All paid for with miles but flying on Air Canada and Ethiopian. How can I upgrade? Miles? Money? Is it possible?

    Secondly, I am trying to book home on Qatar Flight from DAR to TPA on 4 June. Platinum on AA but they do not have any decent awards. I can pay full price for flight with Qatar but will have no upgrade options. Can I upgrade hubby and I on our overnight flight?

    Help this is a puzzle I am trying to solve for some lay down seats so this honeymoon stays well rested!
    Thank you in advance!
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    The only viable option is to find business class award space and change the award to be a business award.

    Book business or expect to ride in the back. And having elite status doesn't help on your desire for QR awards. Try to piece together the QR flights one at a time - DAR to DOH and then DOH to a US gateway and then from there to TPA (or nearby).

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