Holiday travel: How to keep your PC connected on the road

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    Weird cranberry sauce recipes, rambling stories from drunken uncles, and crowded freeways aren't the only perils of traveling away from home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Finding a working Wi-Fi connection can be a pain even in these widely web-enabled times, and that holds true even if you're walking around a major metropolitan area.

    Indeed, you can't even be sure your relatives will have a wireless router.
    So what's a poor, laptop-lugging traveler to do? Fear not: You don’t have to wander the streets searching for a signal like a nomad seeking the next oasis in a desert. In this story, we'll cover everything you need to know about jumping online while traveling, whether that means paying a cellular provider for a Wi-Fi connection in your pocket, or searching for that next Wi-Fi hotspot on the road.

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