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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Beachgirl07, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone this is my first post! I am excited to be here. I am new and have a question
    about the best credit card to apply for to stay at a holiday inn. Please get me some insight.
    Thank you so Much!!
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    I you are going to stay frequently, but not enough to earn Elite status, then get IHG's own card issued by Chase. You get instant Priority Club Platinum status and a free night a year for as long as you are a cardholder. IHG Platinum isn't worth as much as the status in other hotel chains but it helps!
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    I've got the Chase IHG card. The Platinum status has helped in a couple instances to get a better room/service. So, I would definitely consider getting that one. Also...a great little side benefit -- some other hotel reward programs will status-match. So having elite status with IHG could payoff with other hotel chains. I recently used my IHG status to get matched with the Best Western elite status. I know, that doesn't sound very sexy, but I was needing to stay in downtown San Francisco for a convention and having BW status helped out.

    One other card to consider would be a Chase Ink. Points that are in your Chase Ultimate Rewards program can be transferred into IHG (Holiday Inn) points. May not always be the best use of UR points, but I've done it recently to round off my IHG account for a stay.
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    Another recommendation for the IHG Visa. Their top card gives you Platinum status with 60k or more points on signup w/a little spend and a 10% rebate on redemptions. Once you renew each year ($49 annual fee as of this post), you get a free night anywhere in their system. Platinum status gets +50% bonus points, guaranteed availability, and the occasional bone thrown at you in the form of a room upgrade.

    I use it as my primary card when a merchant will not take AmEx. It's not a sexy status, but it does help quite a bit. I'm willing to pay the annual fee since it's cheaper than a hotel night in the IHG system that I'd likely pay for anyway; IHG hotels are practically everywhere in the US and is a brand that is typically closest to national parks.
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    Nothing wrong with a Holiday Inn, sure the company puts us up at the RC HYATT HH, but on my own dime the HI is just fine,
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