Holiday Inn LHR - Rate Change @ Check In with Multiple Rooms/Guests

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    Hi Everyone,

    About a month ago, I booked 3 rooms (for 5 people) at the Holiday Inn London Heathrow (Sipson Way) for a stay on 21 May, as it was a great rate of 59GBP/night and I've had good experiences with this property in the past. Prior to picking my visitors up last night, I stopped by the property to check us in. I had looked at my booking the night before and new it was about 220GBP total for the three rooms. Upon check in, they charged me 89GBP/night plus tax....stating that I'd have to show them the original booking to get the 59GBP rate. As I was in a time crunch to get to the airport, they said I could do so when returned to the hotel.

    Several hours later we returned to the hotel and I provided the original booking. The receptionist said it had to do with the 5 people for 3 rooms - a glitch in the system caused it to look like there were 5 people per room vice between the rooms. Just something to keep in mind if you've got quite a few guests and multiple rooms!

    They did upgrade all of us to Executive Rooms and promptly adjusted the cost.

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    This just happened to me too. Booked through the PC website and it registered six adults and three children for EACH of the 3 rooms (and charged for each of the 'extra' occupants). NINE people in a single King room?!?

    Luckily the desk personnel caught it right away and corrected it at check in. But, now I've got to check all the other reservations I've made for this trip as well.. :mad:
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