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    Due to work, we (Mrs Sweet Willie & I) had to make last minute trip plans and decided on a no-brainer/thinking place like Cancun as I just didn't have the time to plan the way I normally do. We were able to book some reasonable rev stays at a couple of hotels (IC & Hyatt) but these last couple days before New Year's Eve, almost every hotel in the hotel zone was sold out or way too high for what I'm willing to spend on a hotel room and using points was not an option.

    We spent two nights here (of course only after leaving our last resort at 8pm thus spending the whole day on the beach w/drink & dinner service[​IMG]) So really we are only spending one full day here.

    This property is located a little over a 1/2 mile from the IC Presidente, even further away from any nightlife (but of course one can catch the bus for cheap if you don't feel like walking). There is no shuttle or reciprocal service bewteen the two properties, I had thought there might be as there is sometimes between IHG properties in the same location.

    The property is made up of 5 two story buildings and one 3 story building. Each room on the first floor has a small patio and one or two plastic chairs on the patio. Each 2nd or 3rd floor room has a small balcony with two plastic chairs on it. All patios/balconies face into the interior open-air courtyard of the property. The property itself is located in the center of a small nice neighborhood with homes that are either on the large interior lagoon of Cancun or on a golf course. The neighborhood is generally quiet. The walls are not the thickest and the tiled enclosed hallways outside one’s door does make any sound echo quite a bit, so make sure you ask for a room on the 2nd floor.

    Seeing as it seemed that most folks staying at this property went off the beach, waterpark or other activities after breakfast, we decided to stay the day by the pool, which was very peaceful, just us and another couple. Although there is a bar at the pool, the server never came out to offer us any refreshments so I went to the grocery store next door to the hotel, picked up a 6 pack of local Mexican beer for cheap and brought it back into the pool area. So long as it wasn’t glass, the hotel employees didn’t mind. The grocery store is very convenient place to pick up bottled water, refreshments and snacks as well as a favorite late night treat for me (coconut leche popsicle). Back to the pool, there are two square pools, one is 2’ deep, the other is 4’ deep with some nice ledges to sun on. There are only 12 plastic lounge chairs so some jerkos would take one and put it on their patio hoping to use it when they got back to the resort at 5pm. It wasn’t to be as I went around and collected all of those lounges and put them in the public area as I detest selfish a$$holes who want to tie up a lounge chair of an entire day then use it for ½ hour in the late afternoon.

    Breakfast is free and both days consisted of: refried beans, chilaquiles (which if any place has these items for breakfast, I’m a very happy man), but for those looking for more, there was also scrambled eggs (one morning served with mushrooms), pancakes, little/fat 1” hot dogs, some Mexican breads/pastries (don’t think overly sweet or strudel like), 4 types of fruit, some cold cuts.

    Internet is also free as well as local calls in Cancun, I have no complaints about the internet speed.

    The pool area bar does serve food until 9pm, things like burgers, pasta, salads. The food items did look ok but I HIGHLY urge you to walk a ½ mile towards the IC Presidente. Before you get to the IC, there is a strip mall with some food stalls, a pork tacqueria (all different cuts of pork offered, for only 15 pesos a taco, they have two types of salsa to choose from & onions & cilatro if you wish), a seafood stall serving fresh made ceviche & fish or shrimp tacos (23 pesos a taco, 4 different types of sauces (tamarindo, spicy red mayo, spicy tartar, reg mayo)), or a sandwich place called ty-coz which serves DELICIOUS fresh & some hot sandwiches (most in the 55-80 peso range). You will have an amazingly tasty & cheap lunch or dinner. These places are always open for lunch but sometimes the seafood stall would shut down by 6 or 7pm.

    There is also a sushi restaurant that served some surprisingly tasty sushi and stir fry rice dishes.

    Sadly the very close by golf club which has a nice small restaurant overlooking the large Cancun lagoon doesn’t serve food to the public, shame as the setting is quite nice and would be a very short walk from the HI Express property. I did try twice asking (once for lunch & once for dinner) and was told no public so I’m fairly certain that they maintain this rule, but hey, no harm in asking.

    There is a spa here that does offer massages but it was closed or massages were in session so I don’t know if it is any good or pricing.

    The workout room didn’t look like anything special and we never saw anyone in it.

    So all in all I would for sure stay here again if I needed a cheap night on the front or back end of a vaca as our rate during high season (between Christmas & New Year’s) was only $86US a night. In no way would I spend my whole Cancun vacation here.

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