Holding the plane for late arriving passengers

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    Thank you Southwest.

    The inbound flight BNA/GSP was running late, and our GSP/BNA flight would now depart 25 minutes late (actual was 60 minutes). The extra delay was due to thunderstorms and lightening in the late afternoon in GSP. I was getting concerned because our BNA/LGA flight 'cushion' was shrining from 50 minutes to 25 to a-oh.

    I asked the GSP gate agent how many pax were GSP/LGA bound, figuring she'd say half. ;)
    The correct answer was 4. :eek: It than dawned on me that our BNA/LGA flight was the last flight of the day to LGA. Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe, they'd hold the flight... but for 4 pax?? The agent then told me SWA was holding the flight for us and other late arriving pax. :cool: Minutes before, she announced that everyone would be on their own if for some reason they missed their flights.

    We landed 5 minutes after the LGA bound flight was to take off. We arrived at gate 26. My e mail alert said our flight would take off from Gate 25. As we approached 26, I saw the plane still parked at 25.
    Since I was told that plane was late arriving, I had no idea if we would be one of the first, or the last to board. There were lots of people around this multiple gate area, so it was hard to tell if the flight was boarding. When I approached the agent, he said we should board. I wasn't happy (first time all day) because our A 30/31 boarding meant nothing. I expected to sit all the way in the back... in middle seats.

    Row 1 middle and Row 1 aisle (on the other side of the aisle) are empty. Row 1 is the nice big and spacious bulkhead. ;) The flight was 3/4 full.

    Southwest owns me for holding that plane. Even though the flight departed 30 minutes late, we arrived LGA at 9:05. Five minutes late.

    I've had nothing but good experiences on SWA since leaving UA.
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    Changing from UA to WN?

    That's almost as drastic as a change of religious beliefs.

    Glad to hear the folks at WN are showing some "LUV", and treating passengers like yourself nicely.

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