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    So... a combination of sheer luck, a required (and early AM) training downtown and a jab at the Into The Nights promo put me back in this hotel, which I find less and less appealing the more I stay there. Alas, the other IHG property is a sizeable walk on Fulton Street. Were it not for the promo (and the fact that the Andaz is twice the rate) I would be staying elsewhere.

    There's nothing outright "wrong" with the hotel.. it's in a convenient location if you need to be downtown, although you have to walk up Wall St. all the way up to Broadway for the nearest subway. The rooms however are small, even by NYC standards.

    I ended up with a "King Leisure" which seems no different than the "Deluxe" I booked last time. I was told they were "fully booked" -- although I doubt they had any upgrades other than rooms on higher floors. This was in spite of the IHG website and app showing rooms being available, but since I knew a different room wouldn't really be an upgrade, I didn't pursue the issue.

    The hotel itself is in a narrow and tall tower, so you have a few small rooms per floor -- seems like 4-6 rooms per floor around the elevator core. This basically *guarantees* that you will never be in a noise-free room, as you're a) always close to the elevator and b) always close to at least 1-2 more small rooms, so the noise from any slamming doors will carry very well into your own room.

    The HVAC unit is also incredibly loud (albeit effective), so you'll have to just learn to tune it out after a while or live without AC / heat.

    I was surprised to see I was selected as the "guest of the day" upon arrival. They had a "certificate" with my name on it mounted on a plaque at the front desk and all. I got to keep the paper, but not the frame. This apparently entitled me to a "swag bag" which I have effectively named the "Don't Bother Us Bag" because of its contents.

    The bag contents include:

    * Some trail mix and two bottles of water - what seems to pass for the "welcome" amenity for Platinum guests at some properties in my experience

    * His and her travel deodorant
    * One toothbrush and toothpaste
    * A plastic comb
    * A disposable razor and a tube of Barbasol shaving cream
    * A map of downtown Manhattan and a NYC city guide
    * A welcome letter

    Like I said, it's basically a bag full of the things that you'd find yourself calling the front desk for, so it appears they're being proactive and giving them to you ahead of time and affixing the "guest of the day" moniker to it.

    Regardless, if you ever need to stay in the area and you NEED to stay at an IHG property, consider the other hotel... I've stayed there and the rooms are bigger, even though it's a bit further away and some of the inside rooms don't really have much in the way of a view. If you really don't want to stay there, then roll the dice and hope you have a good stay. :)
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