HIX in Madrid Last Week ... A Bummer, to Be Honest

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    Arrived in Madrid on the afternoon of 2/27, with an 11am flight back to the States on 2/28. Booked the Holiday Inn Express at MAD airport for about 65 euros. Basic breakfast buffet for two was included. The bummer is ... BAD transportation!

    I was disappointed to find that (1) there's no complimentary shuttle to/from the airport. But, right next door, the Crowne Plaza (at 140 euros that night) DID have a shuttle, but management absolutely refused to let us catch a ride, either way. Thus, to the hotel, we paid 22 euros for AeroRide or AeroShuttle, which is what the HIX recommends. Ridiculous, as the hotel is 10 minutes from MAD. (The driver was new, and got promptly lost, thus doing an extra lap or two around the dilapidated industrial complex in which the hotel is spectacularly poorly located, but that's another story.)

    The next morning, we shared a cab to MAD with a couple of business travelers who picked up the tab ("in the name of British-Iberian generosity," the guy said).

    Worse, once at the hotel, there's just NOTHING to do in the area. To get into the center of town, we had to walk along the noisy highway for 10 minutes to catch a bus for a 10-minute ride to the Metro, whence we had a 25-minute ride to our stop (La Latina). We didn't mind the distance from the hotel as much as we detested the inconvenience of the hotel's location.

    Only later did we discover that you can hop on the Metro directly from the airport (for about 1 euro per person) to get into town. Had we known this ahead of time, we would have booked a nice boutique hotel in town.

    Bummer. We'll know better next time.

    Moral of the story is this: airport hotels near MAD are pretty much ugly, horribly located, and without good shuttles and nearby public transportation. MUCH better to take the Metro into town and stay in the heart of the action.

    The Priority Club takeaway is this: overly officious adherence to the "rules" prevented us from taking the CP shuttle, from next door. I think the two side-by-side hotels should cooperate and allow all guests to use the same shuttle.

    (Oh, also: lots of noise at both properties due to their site, directly under a arrival runway.)
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    I was in Madrid in January and deliberately avoided this hotel due to the transportation issue.There were a number of complaints about that very topic on Trip Advisor. Isn't the hotel's own shuttle 5 euros each way when it does operate? I remember sending them an e-mail when I was doing my research to ask the price/availability. I'm surprised you had to pay 22 euros. Was your flight very early in the morning or very late at night when their shuttle may not operate? Wish I had saved the e-mail as I could post it here, but it's been deleted.

    The train from the airport into town is 2 euros (1 euro airport surcharge). I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Madrid and that worked out great for me. Just a block from a Metro stop.

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