His Passport Took a Two-Year Vacation (Without Him)

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    His Passport Took a Two-Year Vacation (Without Him)

    Here's an interesting true story about NYTimes columnist David Segal's experience losing his US passport for 2 years! Mr. Segal is aka "The Haggler" - "helping aggrieved consumers for over a quarter of a decade".

    While visiting Stanford University a couple of years ago, Mr. Segal had his passport shipped from Manhattan overnight via UPS. Recently, Mr. Segal received a call from Stanford University informing him that his passport had recently arrived! A bit of sleuthing on the part of the author reveals a situation in which any harried traveler may unfortunately find themselves in using expedited passport shipping, given a bit of bad luck

    Read the story here:

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    I had a similar story, without the same ending, for a one page letter that was sent to me from New Jersey via UPS. With the tracking number, I was able to see that it had arrived at the UPS warehouse at YYZ a day or two later, but it never got any further, according to the the warehouse manager I spoke to several days later, and who said they had scoured the warehouse looking for it. Now many years later it is still somewhere, but not with me.

    A duplicate letter was sent to me, at my request a week or two later, and even though I asked the sender not to use UPS, they insisted that they were their only outfit for couriered items, so off it went to me via UPS. Once again I tracked it to the warehouse here, and even onto the UPS truck for delivery. Later the same day I called the UPS warehouse manager to ask why it hadn't been delivered, and he radioed the driver to ask where it was. Turns out that because they had addressed the UPS label with my last name before my first name, the driver couldn't find my name on my apartment building's list in the lobby to buzz me that he was there, so he was returning it to the warehouse, or so he said. The UPS manager then turned the driver around and I was waiting for him in the lobby when he arrived.

    Not the best results for reliability, IMO, and since then I've only used either Fedex or Purolater for any couriered items, and I've asked any senders to do the same, if possible.
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    I usually use DHL and Fedex. No issues with either so far but I am not even a statistical decimal point-figure to them.
    Still... Mail get lost everytime and that is why in a lot of situations, the statement proof of postage is not proof of delivery.

    Anyway... here's something worse.


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