Hilton's 404 error page = awesome

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    The hilton.com website's "not found" error page is very creative, IMO. :cool:


    I did a very cursory survey of other brands' websites, and only found boring, generic pages with the normal brand l&f.

    Something about room 404 made me want to post here and specifically call it out. Must be an old pic; the lock isn't even electronic. And no peephole, either. At least the handle appears to be ADA-compliant.

    Note that it doesn't work chain-wide... at least W=A is different (and running on a different webserver altogether). W=A seems to have all not-found URLs redirect to http://www.thecaledonian.waldorfastoria.com/. Also note that this appears to be set up only for www.hilton.com, not www3.hilton.com, which has a boring, generic 404 page.

    Finally, for the tech-minded: it appears that on hilton.com, they actually redirect to /error.jhtml (i.e., not send 404 status to the browser), whereas on www3.hilton.com they send a real 404 status.
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