Hilton St Louis Airport (St Louis, MO) reviews

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    I really liked this hotel, and I will stay here again next time I need a place to stay near the St Louis airport before a morning flight.

    • They let me check-in at 11:30am for my one-night stay. I got in very early due to change in schedules, and they upgraded me to a two-room suite to find me a suitable empty room to let me check-in.
    • Friendly, helpful staff. The woman running the lounge, the desk clerk (Dan), the housekeeping staff, and restaurant team were all very friendly and nice to chat with. They hotel staff generally give off a nice, friendly vibe and make the hotel feel welcoming.
    • Good lounge. The evening reception (from 5-9pm) had two hot appetizers, veggies and dip, a cheese assortment and crackers, lemon squares, fruit, bags of chip, candy bars, granola bars, and a fridge with cans of soda and bottles of water. There was also wine and beer available, but it was not free. The woman running the lounge was quite friendly, and even encouraged me to take a plate of food back to my room when I was leaving. The only downside for me was that either the lights were on low or there just is not much lighting.
    • Next door to Hertz. It’s probably a 200 foot walk from the Hertz gate to the front door. You can easily drop off a rental car and walk to the property, even if you have luggage. This was a huge time saver over either walking up early to drop the car off in the morning or dropping the car off, taking the Hertz shuttle to the airport, and then catching the hotel shuttle from the airport back to the hotel.
    • Re-modeled nicely. The hotel was re-modeled in 2009. While it doesn’t look like the touched the outside, the inside is very nice. The lobby has comfortable furniture and a few iMacs (this is in addition to the business center). The rooms are well appointed with modern-ish furniture, large TVs, and heavy curtains.
    • Recognized status. At check-in, the desk clerk said, “Thank you for being a Diamond member.”He then explained that because my rate included breakfast, he was giving me a coupon for a free appetizer and drink. He went onto tell me that the appetizer and drink coupon doesn’t always happen automatically, but I should just ask for it and they’ll be happy to do it. This happened even though my On-Property Benefit is set for the extra points. I appreciate both the candor and the generosity.
    My only minor compliant was with the heater:
    • Heater. In the 2-room suite, the heater is in the sitting room. There are not vents in the bedroom, and the heating unit’s fan blows perpendicularly to the bedroom door. As a result, I had to put the heater on at a much higher heat and fan strength than should be necessary to warm the bedroom. I felt bad about wasting the energy.

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